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“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction” – Rumi

Hi, I’m Caroline. With over 35 years’ experience helping people to feel better and cope confidently in challenging situations, I’m a life coach and hypnotherapist, and the author of several books on Women’s Health and Mental Health.

You’ve calmed my soul and helped me put things into perspective. I know what I need to do now, and I feel so positive. Watch this space. I am unstoppable!”
Sanae, HR Consultant

A much enjoyed session that lifted the spirit, lightened the load and broke down barriers. Really good fun!”
Katrina Pringle, Occupational Therapist, Dorset County Council

“You were like a ball of sunlight. I felt I’d been given psychological vitamins that topped me up like a tonic, where I’d felt so empty and depleted before.”
Sharon Mitford, Social Worker