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“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction” – Rumi

Hi, I'm Caroline

I teach midlife women to create their own happiness. I’ve been life coaching since before the term life coach went mainstream. I give women the power to do their own thing, I just show up with the tools. 

With over 30 years experience helping people to feel better and cope confidently in challenging situations, I’ve authored several books on Women’s Health and Mental Health.

I started in Harley Street and now I impact women all around the world. 

New book coming soon

Discover the ROAR Routine – the fastest way to achieve balance, get more energy, smile more, laugh lots and find the joy in your soul

The TEA Technique to help you stay positive and resilient, whatever is going on around you

The 3 simple steps that ensure others want to listen to YOU, understand your message and give you what you want

The trusted A4 Method to build inner strength, say ‘NO’ when you need to, and stop others taking advantage of you

The ESN Principle for instant stress relief and peace of mind

The number one way to ditch the guilt and feel free, whilst doing what is necessary for those you love

" You've calmed my soul and helped me put things into perspective. I know what I need to do now, and I feel so positive. Watch this space. I am unstoppable!"
HR Consultant
"A much enjoyed session that lifted the spirit, lightened the load and broke down barriers. Really good fun!"

Katrina Pringle
Occupational Therapist, Dorset County Council
"You were like a ball of sunlight. I felt I'd been given psychological vitamins that topped me up like a tonic, where I'd felt so empty and depleted before."
Sharon Mitford
Social Worker

New website coming soon!