Stress Reduction Hypnotherapy in London & Dorset

Do you feel frustrated or anxious or under a lot of pressure?

Do you find it hard to relax?

Most of us experience a certain amount of pressure in our lives, and that creates stress. This is perfectly natural and healthy – in appropriate situations. But if you can identify with some of the symptoms below on a regular basis, then you are probably experiencing too much stress.

On the other hand, you may be mindful of the fact that you are under too much pressure, but you may not yet be aware of the effect that this is having on you. Therefore it is helpful to take steps to prevent a potential build up of stress-related symptoms.

Symptoms of Being Stressed

These are some of the most common symptoms that you might experience if your levels of stress are too high, although there are many more, such as those associated with anxiety and depression

  • Constant tiredness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • restlessness
  • Feeling anxious
  • churning things over and over in your mind
  • Regular low mood state
  • Regular crying
  • Feeling disorganized and unable to finish things
  • Lack of motivation
  • Craving for certain foods and/or lack of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Dizziness and fainting
  • Sweating more than usual
  • Muscle spasms and twitching, and cramps

What Causes Stress?

What is stressful for one person may not be at all stressful for another, and it is important to realise that everyone reacts differently to potentially stressful situations. Financial worries, work, relationships, the loss of someone you love, being a care giver and moving house, are some of the most common causes of stress.

Stress, like anxiety, is caused by an overworked nervous system, fuelled by worry.

My book: HOW NOT TO WORRY – How to Stop Anxiety Spoiling Your Life gives lots of information on worry, stress and anxiety, along with tips and strategies that you can use to help yourself to manage your levels of stress.

Hypnotherapy for Stress Reduction in London or Dorset

It is very important to recognise that you are inappropriately 'stressed', and to do something about it, otherwise your mental and physical health is likely to suffer. For example, you may develop high blood pressure - which could be dangerous for you. Learning to recognise what stresses you and why is important, as is learning to relax properly. Hypnotherapy is a particualarly safe, gentle and effective way to prevent the damaging effects of high levels of stress.

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