Quit Now! Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in London & Dorset

Still smoking but want to quit?

Stopped smoking, but started again?

Given up but still crave cigarettes?

You know from the vast amount of research that it will benefit your health in every way when you stop, and you may want to – yet you can always make yourself believe that you should continue for a while longer. You might give yourself all kinds of excuses, such as: "I'm too busy at the moment" or "I only smoke a few each day". And then you go through a whole process in order to make sure that you continue smoking, like this:

You give yourself reasons to smoke:

I feel stressed. I feel down. I feel good. I'm celebrating. Something didn't turn out as I'd hoped. I did something really well. I’m bored. I just had a lovely surprise. I love being out with friends, and being sociable…

Then you make excuses not to quit:

I enjoy it. I only smoke a few each day. I can stop smoking whenever I want to. I only smoke roll-ups. I've smoked all my life, so it's too late to stop now. My uncle lived till he was 98 and he smoked 20 a day for most of his life…

You take steps to enable yourself to smoke:

Make sure that you always have cigarettes/tobacco and papers in the house. Always go to the shop to buy newspapers or groceries – and stock up on smoking supplies at the same time. Pop and have a chat with a friend (you've run out of cigs, and you know they'll give you one). Find a place to smoke – maybe stand outside your house, or lean out of the window to smoke so that no-one inside can complain about the smell…

Reasons you should give up smoking

  • Smoking increases your blood pressure (high blood pressure is a major factor in heart disease and stroke)
  • Smoking affects and clogs up your arteries and lungs
  • Smoking affects your heart
  • Smoking contains thousands of poisonous chemicals
  • Smoking can cause and exacerbate cancers of all kinds
  • Smoking can affect your breathing and is a major factor in long term conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), that is conditions such as chronic bronchitis, and emphysema.

There are all sorts of reasons why people smoke. Very few start to smoke as the result of a trauma. Mostly it's to look 'cool' or fit in with others, or to relax. Some people love the taste of tobacco. Smoking becomes a habit which is hard to break.

How does it work?

If you really want to become a non-smoker, you can – and hypnosis can help you.

In only one hour at either my London or Dorset clinic, hypnosis will help you to break your habit. In other words it will enable you to break the link of satisfaction between an emotional part of your subconscious mind and the cigarette. The desire for a cigarette will be redirected into something more beneficial for you. You will use your imagination to picture yourself free from the habit of smoking, and filled with new energy, vitality and health.

Once you have quit smoking you will find that:

  • Your pulse rate and blood pressure will benefit.
  • After a few hours your chances of having a heart attack decrease dramatically, and the level of oxygen in your blood returns to normal.
  • Within a few days nicotine eliminates and breathing becomes easier as the bronchial tubes relax.
  • Within a few weeks your lung function will really improve and increase.
  • Within a few weeks you will look fresher, healthier and your skin will improve.
  • Within a few months your circulation will have improved.
  • Within a few years your risk of lung cancer will have decreased, and the risk gets less as time goes on.

So if you're ready to give up smoking and want to quit for good, call me on 07846 208 378 today.

Invest in the rest of your life.