Overcome Fear & Anxiety about Speaking in Public with Hypnotherapy in London & Dorset

Do you dread speaking out in public?

Do you worry for days before you have to give a presentation?

Would you give anything to get out of it?

You are certainly not alone. A fear of speaking out in public is one of the most common phobias that people have. It comes under the category of 'social anxiety', which means that you worry about how others perceive you in certain situations.

A fear of speaking in public is not just about making a presentation to a group of people. It's also about having the confidence to speak up in front of others – in a class or a group. Many people struggle with this, so you are not alone.

There is great added value in coming to me for help with this, because I specialised in use of voice at drama school. I have since worked with many people to help them speak with confidence, ease, passion and drive - so as well as addressing your concerns through hypnotherapy, I'll give you excellent tools to use which will really help you.

Symptoms of Speaking in Public Phobia

You may experience any of the symptoms of anxiety, particularly when you feel that you are about to be the centre of attention, or ‘put on the spot’:

  • very fast heart beat
  • blocked throat
  • feeling sick
  • shaking
  • feeling as if you could faint
  • stomach churning
  • fast breathing
  • dizziness
  • wanting to escape

In addition, you may:

  • blush, and become hot and bothered.
  • sweat
  • stutter or stammer
  • forget what you want to say
  • have a very dry mouth
  • worry that you may appear foolish/incompetent.

Causes of Speaking in Public Phobia

You worry about how you will appear in front of others. For example you fear that:

  • You might have an anxiety attack in front of your audience
  • You make a mistake
  • The audience might find what you have to say boring
  • People might laugh at you
  • People will think you look foolish
  • You will go 'blank'

Help to Overcome Speaking in Public Phobia in London or Dorset

There will be underlying reasons for your fears, and hypnotherapy can help you to overcome them. Hypnotherapy can be very effective in dealing with social anxiety, including a fear of speaking out in public. If you have concerns about confidence and speaking out in public, hypnotherapy can help you.

Call me on 07846 208 378, and I will explain the process in more detail and answer your questions.