Helping and Overcoming Low Self Esteem in London & Dorset

Does the way that you think and feel about yourself prevent you from living the life you want?

Self esteem is about believing in yourself, and feeling good about who you are. It's about respecting yourself, and standing by what you believe in. When you have high self esteem, you are mentally resilient and strong – in the finest possible way. This means that you are able to be true to yourself, whilst also respecting others, and how their views and opinions might differ from yours.

Low self esteem is created by holding deep-seated and ongoing negative beliefs and thoughts about yourself. You may have had low self esteem for as long as you can remember. If you have low self esteem, it can prevent you from reaching your potential, and moving forward in your life.

Symptoms & Signs of Low Self Esteem

If your self esteem is low you may experience some of the following thoughts, feelings and behaviour:

  • Find it hard to identify your good points
  • Criticise yourself frequently and focus on your flaws
  • Feel generally unworthy and incompetent
  • Be acutely aware of your own mistakes, so much so that you avoid doing some things in case you do not succeed.
  • Apologise a lot
  • Take criticism to heart and worry about it, and spend ages searching for answers
  • Can't cope with being praised. You might think you don't deserve it, or that the person who has praised you is 'winding you up'
  • Feel like the victim in various situations
  • Think that you have no choice and little control in your life
  • Usually expect bad things to happen to you
  • Have difficulty meeting people
  • Avoid eye contact with other people
  • Feel ignored and excluded, unimportant, unloved
  • Feel like an outsider
  • Feel that you're not good enough
  • Avoid taking risks, and talk yourself out of doing things
  • Blame others for the way that you feel
  • Mask your insecurity by blaming others and putting them down
  • Seek constant reassurance from others

What Causes Low Self Esteem?

You are likely to have learned to think in a certain way because of things that have happened in your life, and how the people around you have interacted with you. And so you have learnt to doubt yourself. Your self-talk (the messages you tell yourself in your head) are often negative and this perpetuates your feelings of low self esteem.

Help to Overcome Low Self Esteem in London or Dorset

You may or not know what specifically has caused your feelings of low self-esteem. Hypnotherapy can help you to find out why you have these negative thoughts and feelings about yourself and enable you to change your negative beliefs so that you replace them with ones that are more beneficial for you.

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