Overcome Lack of Confidence with Hypnotherapy in London & Dorset

Do you lack confidence?

Is it having an effect on your life?

There are many reasons why you may lack confidence, and it can be so demoralising to want to do something - but feel unable to because of how you feel.

If you have a deep seated, underlying lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities, your life is bound to be limited in some way, and this can lead to you having anxious or depressed feelings.

You may feel confident in some areas of your life, but less so in others. So, for example, you might be a confident runner, or a confident cook, yet you lack confidence when having to meet people, or talk on the phone to someone you don't know, or go into a room full of people. You might fear failing, or doubt yourself, and negative thoughts pop into your mind about your ability to do things, or to cope. You might worry that you’re not good enough - or that people will think badly of you.

Signs & Symptoms of Lack of Confidence

  • Avoiding doing certain things because you fear your ability to cope.
  • Covering your lack of confidence by pretending, to hide the way you really feel.
  • Withdrawing from other people in certain situations
  • Speaking quietly or mumbling
  • Speaking too loudly or shouting so that you ‘appear’ confident
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Comfort eating
  • Regularly thinking negative thoughts about yourself and your abilities.
  • Using alcohol or drugs to make you feel more confident

What Causes a Lack of Confidence?

It's important to understand that confidence can come and go. If you feel that your confidence has taken a knock - that's fine. There are things that you can do to build it up again. If you feel overwhelmed or uncertain, that's fine too. There is always a way forward.

You may be confident generally, but find in certain situations that you 'wobble'. Or it may be that you have always lacked confidence in yourself and your own abilities. You may not even like yourself very much, although this may be due to low self esteem.

If your life has changed in any way, you might find that you feel less confident than you used to. For example, you may have been ill or in hospital for a while, or maybe out of the workplace for a period of time. You may have lost your job, or not passed exams that you needed. Maybe you look different, for example you could have lost or put on weight. Perhaps you are going through the menopause and are surprised by how you feel as your hormones fluctuate. Or perhaps you have experienced a loss of some kind.

Treatment to Overcome a Lack of Confidence in London or Dorset

There may be all sorts of reasons why you lack confidence. Whatever the reason, you can build or boost your confidence, and feel a whole lot better.

Hypnotherapy can help you to find out why you have these negative thoughts and feelings, and to make adjustments that will enable you to feel more positive and confident.

If your lack of confidence is affecting your life, then hypnotherapy can help you. Call me on 07846 208 378, and I will explain the process in more detail and answer your questions.