Help for you if your partner is depressed

Is your partner or loved one depressed?

Do you worry constantly, and feel guilty, sad, insecure, lonely and even angry?

Are you concerned that anything you say or do could trigger a negative reaction from the person you love?

Are you trying your best to keep everything on an even emotional keel for the rest of your family?

Do you wonder how you’re going to get through this without becoming depressed yourself?

Are you at your wits end?

If you can answer 'Yes' to any of the above, then you are likely to be ready for some highly specialised help from me. I have lived with a depressed partner myself, so I know what you are going through, and I have helped many people find their way along this rocky emotional road.

Reasons why their distress is so hard on you

There are many, many reasons why your loved one’s mental health issue has an impact on you. In a nutshell:

  • You worry - probably constantly. Therefore you are subject to long term negative stress.
  • You are most likely to be on the receiving end of a range of their behaviours, from sadness to possible anger and hostility. So you question yourself and agonise over what has gone wrong, and what you think you may or may not have said or done.
  • You find yourself going through every emotion possible, and might become a little depressed yourself as you become more overwhelmed and exhausted, and wonder what to do for the best.

Loving and caring for anyone who has a mental health issue can be a challenge. Every relationship is unique, and if this person is your partner, you will find that there are aspects of your relationship that change because of the effect of their 'illness' – and this can be utterly bewildering for you, and can leave you feeling quite lonely and isolated. Please understand that it their behaviour that is the issue though, not the person themselves. That person is still there underneath – it's just that their illness is eclipsing that.

How hypnotherapy can help you

You may wonder how hypnotherapy can help you when it is your partner who is depressed. Whilst hypnotherapy may be effective in your partner's depression treatment, actually it is the perfect self-help tool for you, as it will make your journey smoother. It will help you to deal with their distress, and the way in which their behaviour affects you. You will feel more calm, and gain a sense of clarity and inner strength when your world seems to be crumbling and you feel overwhelmed. It will help you to take care of yourself and attend to your own needs - which ultimately will help your partner too.

Over the years, I've amassed and developed a range of ways to enable you to find yourself again when you feel lost in the negative complexity of your relationship. I've written a book about my own experience, and my other website: My Partner is Depressed has a range of resources and a dedicated forum for partners – which many people find very useful.

Yet the tool that can have the most profound effect on the way that you adjust to your partner’s depressed behaviour is hypnotherapy - and I need to see you in person for that.

Your session is distinct from others that I offer. I use hypnotherapy as part of your tailor-made session, which also includes carefully selected techniques and coping strategies from my expert 'tool box', along with plenty of discussion and coaching. One or two practical sessions might well be sufficient for you, but it may be that more would be helpful, as everyone is different. However, I want to be absolutely sure that the help I offer is appropriate for you at this point, so as with all my clients, I'd like to talk to you before we meet.

Call me on 07846 208 378, and I will explain the process in more detail and answer your questions.