Weight Loss Hypnotherapy London & Dorset: Stopping Comfort / Emotional Eating Disorders

Do you want to lose weight but can’t stop eating for comfort?

Do you eat in order to deal with negative emotions?

Comfort (or emotional) eating is when you eat to make yourself feel better. The act of eating to make yourself feel better may satisfy you for a while, but then afterwards you are likely to experience more negative emotions, such as guilt and possibly symptoms of depression or anxiety – especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Or you may be a person who regularly overeats, finding it hard to say no, or to leave anything on your plate, even when you are really full - and afterwards you feel guilty, and disgusted with yourself.

Eating for comfort can become an eating disorder – that is when your relationship with food affects the way you live your life. Binge eating, bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa are all categories of eating disorder.

Men, women and children can all experience eating disorders.

Although you may not have an eating disorder, or binge on food - some of the symptoms of binge eating may apply to you when you eat to make yourself feel better.

Symptoms of Binge Eating for Comfort or Other Emotional Reasons:

  • Eating when you are depressed, bored or unhappy
  • Eating large amounts of food at one time
  • Eating large amounts when you are not hungry
  • Not exercising any control over the amount that you eat
  • Eating until you feel sick, and uncomfortable
  • Eating very quickly – far more so than you normally would
  • Eating alone – to keep your binge eating secret, but also because you may feel embarrassed about eating and food anyway
  • Feeling depressed and guilty, and disgusted with yourself after binge eating
  • Putting on weight very quickly

What Causes Emotional or Comfort Eating?

You might eat because you feel bored, low, stressed, anxious, rejected, unloved, depressed, insecure, afraid, confused, angry, frustrated, or excited. You might want attention, or feel you deserve a reward. Perhaps you just feel that there is something missing in your life.

Maybe eating gives you a sense of security. But eating for emotional reasons means that you can lose control over what you eat and when you eat it. Therefore you may gain weight, and then feel bad about yourself. And then it’s likely that you'll eat more to make yourself feel better.

Or, you might eat to excess – because you always have done. Your relationship with food is about your relationship with yourself.

Hypnotherapy Can Stop You Over-Eating and Help You Lose Weight

If you have an unhealthy relationship with food, this is likely to be as a result of something that occurred many, many years ago, and you've probably forgotten what this was. For example, maybe something happened when you were little which made you uncomfortable – so you ate to feel better. So although diets may help, the chances are that when you experience those similar negative emotions again – you resort to eating for comfort.

Hypnotherapy can help you to find out why you eat for comfort and therefore enables you to gain control over your eating habits, and to develop a healthy relationship with food. This by itself can help many people lose weight, but Hypnotherapy can also complement a weight loss and exercise programme.

If your eating habits have a negative impact on your life, hypnotherapy can help you. Call me on 07846 208 378, and I will explain the process in more detail and answer your questions.