Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for many different issues

Caroline creates a safe and friendly environment, enabling you to feel comfortable and at ease. You are in control throughout. Whilst in hypnosis, solutions to the problems you are experiencing will present themselves. You are also likely to experience some of the best relaxation that you have ever had! All treatment is of course, highly confidential. Find out more about how hypnotherapy works

Below are some of the most common problems that people seek treatment with Caroline for. However, hypnotherapy can treat a vast range of issues, so do contact Caroline to discuss your needs.


The impact of any emotional, physical or sexual abuse that you have experienced, as a child or an adult, can manifest in many different ways, at any time in your life. Apart from experiencing a range of negative emotions, such as guilt, shame, anger and hatred, your ability to form emotional and sexual attachments may be affected. Perhaps you have an underlying low opinion of yourself as a result of your abuse. Or you may develop harmful habits and behaviours as coping mechanisms. Hypnotherapy can help you move forward with your life in a positive way. More about abuse


An addiction develops from a habit that you engage in, and it takes over your life as you feed your addiction in order to feel better or ‘normal’. Usually addictions develop because of what is happening or has happened in your life, although there could be genetic or biological reasons too. Hypnotherapy creates a safe environment to enable you to identify and deal with the underlying negative emotions that feed your addiction. More about addictions


If you have problems expressing your anger then you may find that you lose control and scare, or even harm, yourself and others. Or you may not want to express your anger, so you ‘bottle up your feelings’ and hide it – and this can be even more harmful in the long term. Hypnotherapy creates a calm and safe environment for you to explore your feelings and behaviour, so that you can prevent anger becoming destructive and damaging. More about anger


You may not think that the unusual, uncomfortable or alarming physical sensations that you experience are due to anxiety, but they could be - especially if you worry a lot, or have a tendency to ‘overthink’ things. And if your symptoms are affecting the way you live your life, for example, if you are avoiding doing something in case you have an anxiety attack, then you could have an anxiety disorder. An anxiety disorder can be very frightening, and hypnotherapy can help you to feel better, and can make a difference to the way you think, feel and behave. More about anxiety

Comfort eating

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food and find that you are eating for emotional reasons? This ‘abuse’ of food can exacerbate negative emotions like guilt, shame, insecurity, loneliness and sadness. Ulitmately, your relationship with food is about your relationship with yourself, and hypnotherapy can be a useful way of addressing this. More about comfort eating


Depression can occur for many reasons. Your experience of it may be quite different to that of someone else, and your symptoms may change over time. For example, you may feel persistently sad, helpless and overwhelmed, whilst someone else may feel irritable or angry; or you might have gone off sex, whilst someone else may use sex excessively as a way to feel better. Hypnotherapy works with your depression to help you move forward in your life. More about depression

Exam Nerves

Whether it’s an exam, job interview or driving test, it’s normal to feel a certain amount of anticipation and nerves as part of your preparation. However if you are over-fearful, or experience unpleasant physical sensations like headaches, nausea and muscle tension then hypnotherapy is a very effective method to help you put things into perspective and regain your confidence, so that you do yourself justice on the day. More about exam Nerves

Fears and phobias

Are you plagued by irrational feelings of intense anxiety or panic in certain situations, or about certain objects, creatures or places? This can be very distressing, and can really impact upon your life. Hypnotherapy is a safe way to explore why these feelings exist for you, and to free yourself of them. More about fears and phobias


Guilt, shame and regret sometimes assume far too much importance in your mind and can make you feel unable to move on. Hypnotherapy can help you deal with these powerful negative emotions and focus on the present and the future. More about guilt


Sleeping problems come about for a variety of reasons, for example, an illness, hormonal changes such as the menopause, stress or anxiety – although in some cases specific specialist treatment is needed. Hypnotherapy helps many people to address the root cause of their insomnia, so that they can sleep soundly. as well as providing techniques to help yourself relax and clear your mind before sleeping. More about insomnia

Lack of confidence

Your level of confidence can change and vary throughout your life – for all sorts of reasons, and you might be confident in some situations but not in others. Perhaps you feel that you need to put on an act in order to ‘fit in’. You might mask your insecurity by behaving in a way that does not fit with who you are underneath, or you may avoid doing things because of how you feel. During hypnotherapy sessions, you will be able to address your lack of confidence, and give it a wonderful boost. More about lack of confidence

Low self esteem

If your self-esteem is low, you are likely to feel bad about yourself generally, and think that you have few good points. You may sometimes feel like an outsider and struggle in social situations. Perhaps you are intensely self-critical. Maybe you are reluctant to accept or believe praise. You might worry or over-react to any criticism or honest feedback that others give you. Hypnotherapy is a gentle way to explore why your self esteem is low, and to build it up. More about low self esteem


It is estimated that half of all women have an uncomfortable menopause, and a wide range of physical and mental changes can be experienced, including feelings like anxiety, panic and depression. Hypnotherapy can be a great help to women in the time leading up to, during and after the menopause. More about the menopause


Lack of motivation is usually a symptom of other issues in your life. A lack of self esteem or self confidence can make tasks seem daunting and goals unattainable, so that it feels safer not to try. Being stressed, anxious or depressed will also affect your ability to ‘make a start’, as can feeling tired or bored. If you feel that daily life is a struggle and that you can’t seem to make the changes you want, then hypnotherapy can be a very useful tool to unlock and understand the negative feelings that are robbing you of your drive and determination, and then to help you succeed. More about motivation

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks occur 'out of the blue'. To experience one is utterly terrifying. The symptoms are intense, sudden and severe – and you have no idea what triggers them. It’s not uncommon to feel as if you are having a stroke or heart attack. Your heart is likely to beat very fast, and you may also hyperventilate. Hypnotherapy helps you to relax and to manage these distressing situations, and in the majority of cases the attacks lessen and diminish completely as the treatment progresses. More about panic attacks

Speaking in public

It is very common to experience many of the symptoms of anxiety before a public presentation, for example, fast heartbeat, dizziness, feeling sick, hot and sweaty, and to have difficulty speaking clearly – or even remembering what you were going to say! But actually there are good reasons for your symptoms. Hypnotherapy can help you to speak out in public with confidence and panache. More about speaking in public

Stop Smoking

If you are committed to becoming a non-smoker, but find yourself giving in to a sudden need for a cigarette (perhaps when you’re tired, stressed, nervous or bored) then hypnotherapy can help you break the habit. Most people become successful non-smokers permanently after just one session. More about stopping smoking

Stress reduction

It’s a fact that we actually perform better under mild and manageable stress; it helps us to focus and prioritise. However stress ceases to be a positive factor when, as a result of it you feel tired, restless, anxious and upset. It can affect every aspect of your life, and if not dealt with, stress can have serious long-term physical effects. Are you unknowingly contributing to your stressed state? Hypnotherapy can help you find out, as well as providing techniques that will act as a stress 'safety valve'. More about stress reduction

Stuttering and stammering

There are different reasons why people stutter or stammer; usually there will be a link to something from the past, or ongoing stress and anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help you to unlock and deal with the reasons for your speech impediment, and help to free you from it. More about stuttering and stammering