Hypnotherapy Testimonials

General Comments and Emails Received

Hypnotherapy is the most important thing that has ever happened in my life. Miss L

The therapy has helped a lot, because I hadn't realised before that certain things had had such an impact on me, and the relationship with my mother is a lot better now. Miss R

I have finally managed to relax properly, which is fantastic because I generally fidget about when I sit still for any length of time, and only really relax when I'm asleep. Thanks to hypnotherapy, I now realise just how stressed I have been, and why. I feel so much better now. Mr R

I felt at ease with you straight away. Mrs S

As you were talking to me, I thought "I'm not in hypnosis. It's not working." Then, amazingly, just as you had said, things began to be really clear. I remembered something from years ago and, well, all I know is – I'm sorted now. Mr B

I still get some down days, but on the whole I am hugely better. And when I feel negative now, I am able to cope with it and be more objective. Thank you so much. Mr L

Emotionally the improvement has been phenomenal. Thank you so, so much. Mr A

The memories that came up were bizarre. I would never have consciously made the links. I can't believe I’m actually driving on motorways again! Mrs D

The driving's much better now. I don't worry about the dual carriageways. I feel much calmer. Mrs Q

I'm looking forward to my holiday now that my fear of spiders has gone. Mr S

In 2009 you saw me in Harley Street for a series of sessions for my fear of flying. My fear had got so bad I could not even go to an airport. My therapy allowed me to live the life I wanted to again - and 4 years later, here I am jumping out of a plane! Lydia (Photo of Lydia jumping out of plane was enclosed.)

I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me with my 'frog phobia' it really has changed my life and for that I am forever thankful to you. Miss S

I have a lot to thank you for as my sleep has improved a lot. Mrs C

Am doing really well apart from rare bubbles of stress caused by work. I am sleeping well and still feeling balanced! Definitely a huge improvement from where I was at a few months ago. Mr D

I feel really great now. It was like a light switch – even after the first session I felt so much better. Other people have noticed a huge difference too. Friends and colleagues have noticed my posture is better and I am more upbeat. Miss P

I feel much more positive since my hypnotherapy. I thought I'd feel bad about my impending divorce, but I've been surprised how I've coped. It wasn’t nearly as traumatic as I expected, I can't explain really. I just felt OK about it. Mrs A

Both long and short haul flights are fine now. I thought I might panic on the long haul trip, but I was OK! Miss N

I had two issues. I hated flying so much that I would do anything to avoid it. Also, I felt really sick whenever I got agitated or angry. During hypnotherapy I discovered that when I was very little my dad was playing with me and he picked me up and whirled me round and round above his head. I didn't like the feeling and wanted him to stop, but I must have been too little to tell him. This is what caused the problem. I'd lived with these feelings for years, and had no idea what was the matter with me. After that session I felt really great! It was as if a weight had been lifted. Now flying doesn't bother me at all and I no longer get that sick feeling when I'm agitated. It's fantastic – such a relief . Miss K

I'm glad say for the first time in ages I feel normal. I feel a lot more positive about things now. Mr N

I certainly feel more positive about life in general and feel more in control of my emotions. I haven't been dwelling on past events like before so there is a definite improvement all round. Mrs K

My charity boxing match

I'm not a boxer, and I was very, very nervous about the fight in case I got hurt. But I wanted to win because it was for a childrens' charity, and I’d been training for months. When I agreed to do it I hadn't realised quite what was involved or how I'd feel, and I know that my trainer was concerned. So I decided to try hypnotherapy. I had one session on the morning of the fight. As I walked around Cavendish Square afterwards I felt quite different. Much better somehow. And that night - I won the fight! Mr D

My son's vomit phobia cured by hypnotherapy

My son had suffererd with a vomit phobia from he was about 6 years old. We tried everything to help him from taking him doctors, counsellors as well as trying to help him ourselves but we were felt there was no hope as nothing seemed to work.

He would check the expiry date on everything before eating it, and if it was two days or so before the date expired he would not touch it, as he was scared it would make him sick and he would vomit. He was obsessed in making sure every night that his bowels were completely cleared from all of the food he had eaten throughout the day before going to sleep because he thought if he didn't it would make him sick.

He would also drive himself crazy thinking about all the different types of things he had eaten during that day, and that they are now all mixed together in his stomach and it was going to make him sick. Any slight twinges or pain he had in his stomach or his throat, he would have panic attacks as he would convince himself he was going to be sick. It made him very depressed and withdrawn at times and he would sometimes avoid going out to socialise e.g. parties, because he did not want to have to eat anything.

He came to me one day and told me that counselling was not helping him and suggested we try hypnotherapy, which was something I had never considered until then. We went onto the internet together to look up a hynotherapist and were drawn to Caroline Carr's website. We then contacted her and went to see her. We found her very warm, patient and kind and my son felt very comfortable with her immediately.

After the first session with her, on our way home, he looked at me and told me he felt better already. I was still unsure he would benefit from it, but that was due to not knowing much about the power of hypnotherapy, but from that day my son was a different person. He had another session with her and he no longer has the vomit phobia. He eats what he likes, he is now very happy in himself, his confidence is back and he feels he can face anything. If any of his classmates are being sick, unlike before, he would come home from school and not eat anything, but now it does not bother him, he does not even check the expiry dates anymore!

Hypnotherapy has changed my son's life and ours as well after years of struggling to cope with it and we have Caroline to thank for that. Mrs C

Update, several months later:

Just wanted to give you an update on our son who you treated. He is doing fantastically well. He is now 15 years old and is growing into a very lovely young man. He is very confident and happy. He never gets into any trouble and is very focused on his education. He is doing very well at school and all the teachers sing his praises when we attend parent evening.

Due to your help the phobia is definitely well and truly gone and has been replaced with confidence, enthusiam and drive. There was an award ceremony at his school the other day and he was given an Achievement award. Only 5 children were awarded this from his year group (year 10), we were so proud! I would like to thank you again for changing my son's life and also changing our lives too.Mrs C

Stopping smoking

I'd been thinking about stopping for a while. I just thought, 'Smoking's so childish, sucking smoke into your mouth and puffing it out, trying to be like a dragon or something. Ridiculous!' So I did stop for a while, but I wanted one each time I went to the pub. It got to the stage where I was avoiding going to the pub, so that I wouldn't smoke. I lapsed a couple of times, but then I decided to try hypnosis. I can honestly say I've never had a craving since, and I've not smoked for two years now. Quite honestly, I never think about it any more, and it never occurs to me to smoke. Mrs M

I started smoking because I liked the taste of tobacco in roll-ups. For a long time there was something appealing about knowing that you 'shouldn't' be doing it, because everyone tells you it's bad for you. But now that I'm older – well, I could feel myself coughing and I just thought I wasn't doing myself any good. I tried to stop on my own and that was hopeless. Too many reasons not to stop – or that's what I told myself. And I've tried patches, but couldn't get on with them. A friend suggested hypnotherapy, and – I thought I'd give it a go. Well that's what did it for me. It's amazing – I never want a cigarette at all now. Mr T

I can't stand the smell of smoking any more. Now I wonder why I spent all that money on fags. Hypnosis was great. I'd recommend it to anyone. Mr R

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