About Caroline

I've done many different things in my life. For example I've worked in theatre and television production, I've taught drama - a little in schools, and a lot in prisons. I spent many years running groups and one-to-one therapy sessions with a range of clients before becoming a hypnotherapist twelve years ago.

I was trained personally by Valerie Austin, an internationally recognised hypnotherapist and author of five books on the subject; Larry Elman, the son of Dave Elman (1900-1967) who was recognised as a pioneer of modern hypnotherapy; Jerry Valley and Tommy Vee, the world-renowned father and son team, leading stage hypnotists and also clinical practitioners.

I hold a Diploma in Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy, and I'm a Validated Practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. I'm also a qualified life coach, Laughter Yoga teacher and a Lifemusic practitoner.

I have experience of living with a partner who was depressed, and also have personal experience of an anxiety disorder myself, albeit many years ago. As depression and anxiety impact upon the lives of so many people, I really think that everyone would benefit from knowing something about these issues. I often speak about this to various groups.


If your partner or loved one is depressed, you will find that hypnosis with me will make a real, positive difference to your life. When my partner became depressed it was a real shock, but I found that I grew stronger through the experience, and hypnotherapy helped me on my journey.

I am the author of: LIVING WITH DEPRESSION – how to cope when your partner is depressed, and the founder of Let the sunshine in! and I have been referred to as: 'The UK's Leading Expert for Partners Living with Depression.'

My newest venture is Find Your Oomph This work brings me so much joy, and my mission is to inspire others to transcend their limitations and connect with their own inner freedom, strength, vitality and joy – whatever is going on in their lives.


I'm often asked for advice about depression, anxiety and confidence issues, and I've been interviewed by many newspapers, magazines, specialist health publications and numerous BBC Local radio shows. I've also written features for a range of publications and magazines, including SHE, Best, and the Sunday Express, and various specialist health publications. In the past I have been Agony Aunt for A Single Step, the magazine of the Depression Alliance, and also for The British Journal of Healthcare Assistants.

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